Friday, 10 August 2012

George Perez - New Teen Titans: Games GN

I rarely get excited with getting my new comics, in fact I usually visit my LCS once a month or just order from Amazon once a hardcover or tpb catches my attention. Of course when the New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel came out, I immediately went to my shop after work, got it and read it that same night. 

Games is a book I have been waiting for since the late 80s when it was first announce! The NewTeen Titans is my favorite comic book series of all time, featuring all the characters and comic creators I loved!
Sadly this  is also the last DC book set in the old universe. After reading the book, I felt angry they had to reboot the universe yet again, and this time erasing all traces of the Teen Titans. Yep, I am not a big fan of the New 52.

I'm still collecting the current Teen Titans comic (even if it is such a pain to read), just to "complete" my Teen Titans collection. Aside from Tiny Titans and Teen Titans Go, I have all the Teen Titans series all the way from their first appearance on Brave and the Bold #54 (1964).

Here are some of the interior pages:

I'm also very fortunate to have me the great George Perez at the Toronto Comicon last March! Of all the comic creators I've met in the past, nothing compares to this guy, very friendly with fans, and such a talented artist! Age doesn't seem to affect him artistic skills! I have no idea how he can can keep his energy level up for 2 days just sitting on his booth and doing these sketches and having a smile on his face all the time. His line at the con was the any given time!

I'm a little sad I wasn't able to get a full-body commission sketch from him via facebook (still not sure how their interface works), but he was able to do those quick sketches for me. Overall I had a terrific time meeting Mr. Perez and I hope he visits Toronto again!

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